My name is Ty Brookhart. I live in the Colorado mountains just below the Continental Divide at 8,300 feet elevation with my six-year old son and a constantly changing menagerie of animals.

I went to undergrad at Colorado College largely funded by a grant from the art department (I was awarded most artistic student in high school). However, I only took a few studio classes and earned my degree in environmental science. 

After undergrad I worked as a sushi chef for several years and still moonlight. It was during that time that I took my first ceramics course. A year later I was working at a sushi restaurant in Northern California that was blessed with a huge selection of wood-fired pieces to serve sushi and beautiful Ikebana style vases for flower arrangements. It was at this point that I fell in love with the canvas each unique piece provided. 

However, I took a long hiatus from perpetual creativity when I left to Ann Arbor for grad school. That period was followed by several years pursuing a career in energy and environmental science. During that time I punctuated my life with periods cooking professionally and painting with watercolors. 

Then in 2012 I took a job with a start-up in Los Angeles. I knew virtually no one and realized void of social obligations I'd stumbled upon an opportunity to do what I wanted with my free time. I decided to pursue pottery as a hobby and found a studio. It was a time of exceptional learning and creative growth. 

After having a child and moving back home to Gold Hill, Colorado I decided to pursue ceramics professionally. It's been a journey.

I strive to make mostly functional and durable pieces that are simple yet beautiful - a product of my experience, my lifestyle, and my passion. My hope is that you find joy in holding, using, and looking at them everyday.